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Sit Well has been the trusted source for furniture restoration and upholstery for more than 40 years

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Fine Craftsmanship

Do you want to save furniture that has been in your family for generations? You can count on our Upholsterers to take care of your furniture and belongings and transform them into beautiful works of art. 

Family Owned & Operated

We have been the trusted source for upholstery for 40 years.  Helping customers choose the best materials to match their particular surroundings is what we strive for.

Interior Design Services

A dedicated Interior Designer will help you select colors and fabrics to enhance your living space.  We are recognized in Phoenix for our personalized design services and beautiful work.

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Our Services

Cushion Restuffing

From sofas and love seats, to reclining chairs and ottomans, Sit Well specializes cushion re-stuffing.  The single most cost effective way to replace old furniture is to re-stuff your cushions with higher density foam. 

Auto Interior

Reworking upholstery that represents your character is our job! Automobile interior upholstery repair/install is a careful process that requires precision, love and care.  Let us handle your next car interior job.  

Boats & RV's

Boats and other amphibious vehicles are susceptible to water damage. Boat upholstery is an easy job, especially when using water resistant materials and fabrics.

Semi-Custom Furniture

Reupholstering furniture is an opportunity to update the piece. We give outdated furniture a brand new look. Semi-custom furniture allows you to change the shape and contour of the piece by altering some of its decorative features. 

Window Treatments

Wood Refinishing

Sit Well Select Fabrics

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Why Reupholster Furniture

Furniture quality and sentimental value are key factors in deciding whether to invest in upholstery repairs.  It's a choice many people come to face at some point in their lifetime. That favorite cozy chair you've spent years curling up in has lost its luster, it's dirty or maybe the fabric is ripped. Is there anything you can do to save it?

Many manufacturers lowered their standards in recent years by using woods previously unsuitable for furniture frames, Manufacturers often assemble frames with staples and fast-drying epoxy, as opposed to older furniture, built with strong hardwood and screws. Screws last longer because they don’t loosen as easily as staples.  It comes down to quality and if you are better off buying new we will tell you. Sentimental value is amongst the number one reasons why people opt to reupholster their old furniture.  Tell us your story!

Sit Well Certified Furniture

We have quality used furniture in stock that you can customize. After we re-upholster the used  pieces we  certify them guaranteeing your satisfaction for years to come. 

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